Rangers sweep the Nationals, which means…

We're Going Streaking


Just had to get this in before we face off against the Astros this evening. Maybe it will still apply tomorrow, maybe it won’t. But in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy the fact the boys whipped up on (what was) the top team in the NL in their own ballpark.

*And thanks for the pep talk last week, Alan. When I was moping about the Rangers having a rough time, but also congratulating you guys on having good baseball to watch in Houston, you told me: “[There is] too much season left, 12 more head to head games, and so much can change. Nobody is out of it, and we’ve seen already the Rangers can go streaking.”  I felt better then and thought of you as soon as the Rangers won yesterday. And by the way, I was going to link back to you on an Astros post and discovered there wasn’t one for this year at least. Ahem.

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