But Remember the 2016 NFL Draft?

Jerry Glasses WipeSince ESPN has been laying off people like they were running a suburban mall, I figure that a lot of desperate eyes are turning to the Texas Triangle Trio for draft coverage.   Most of the draft analysis of the Cowboys is wrapped up in what they did last year. How will other teams find a Dak Prescott of their very own?  Will the Zeke Effect return running backs to draft day prominence?   Will the two most impactful defensive additions to 2017 end up being Jaylon Smith and Charles Tapper, who sat 2016 out with injuries?

Even though the Cowboys have lots of defensive needs and they pick at the back of the draft, their fans can find comfort in the fact that the teams with early picks need offensive linemen and quarterbacks in a draft that is rich in defensive players.   So whoever the Cowboys choose at 28 is less likely to be a reach than the teams desperate to find a quarterback or keep him upright.  And with the successful 2016 draft hanging out in recent memory, it’s easier to wait-for-twenty-eight without worrying that Jerry might be spending that time scheming up ways to trade everything away for a wide receiver.

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