A Talented Man


As quietly as he came in, he has left us. But that middle part was pretty damn loud.

“Reds send outfielder to Rangers for Volquez, minor leager”

I don’t know if the AP would like to re-title this article, but I know I sure as hell would. Something to the tune of:

“Rangers acquire best effing baseball player on the planet for serviceable rotation piece”

It’s hard to remember all the great moments he had but one of my favorite was a game at Camden Yards when he hit two homers and a double off Jake Arrieta in his first three at bats.

Nobody remembers that because he went on to hit two more home runs in his next two at bats finishing the game with five hits in five at bats:  four homers and a double.

People also don’t remember that his last at bat of the game the day before was a home run.

So in 6 consecutive at bats the man went 6 for 6 with five home runs and a double. Whoa man. Michael Young (my personal favorite Ranger ever, although Adrian Beltre is in the discussion) had this to say:


Beth already wrote a great piece about Josh, here.

I’m trying to find something different to say but I’ll say this: Of all the sports paraphernalia I own, there are only two jerseys: One is a 1996 Texas Rangers home white that doesn’t have a name or number on the back. The other is a 2010 Texas Rangers home white with a World Series patch on the left arm and the number 32 and Hamilton on the back.

I don’t know what it means, but I think it’s cool.

I almost threw it out when he signed with the Los Angeles Angels, but I decided to remember the good times and not the heel turn. I was rewarded when he came back to the Rangers for peanuts to potentially finish out his career. He was never the same after he left Texas nor when he came back. But, I’m glad he came back, that we as fans were given the chance to “forgive” him and cheer him on a few more times.

I know his baseball playing career may be over but I hope the Rangers continue to treat him well and find a way (coaching/special assistant to the GM/whatever) to keep this guy involved in the organization and away from his struggles.

Thank you for every thing Josh, you were the best.

One thought on “A Talented Man

  1. Touching. He homered to put us ahead in top of 10th, fighting through injury, game 6 of World Series 2011 against “that team”. It would have been the winning run and won the series. We know how that ended…so nobody remembers that one. Unbelievable talent and humble ho hum attitude.


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