It’s Baseball Time in Texas


I have found myself in Texas for this opening day, but in the wrong city.

Battle lines have been drawn between the Rangers and Astros, and here I find myself on the wrong side of Buc-ee’s in “Clutch City” or “Two-ston” as it is affectionately known. The Rangers open with the defending A.L. Champion Indians and I’m excited to see what this season brings.

The opening of the season means a new opportunity to write history, and a new chance to do something neither Texas team has done. They and 28 other teams all wake up in the exact same place with the same chance (in theory) to win it all.

Texas has won the division the last two seasons with Houston pulling in second. Early predictions have the Rangers finishing this season 2nd at best and likely 3rd behind a maturing Astros team and the talented but perennially underwhelming Mariners. But championships are won on paper, they’re decided on the field.

I don’t know what this season holds, our leader is sidelined with a calf issue that will have him begin on the Disabled List. We just signed our volatile 2nd baseman to a fairly team friendly deal (sealed with a 2-horse kicker). Our pitching rotation is top heavy and the arms we took flyers on won’t be ready to go until the season is 1/4 done. Every bullpen without Mariano Rivera in it is a year to year proposition. This team has flaws but barring injury will be talented and well managed (and general managed).

The World Baseball Classic was a great pimer for this baseball season, but I’m dying to get this season underway.

I’m excited for this years journey, and I hope we’ll be the last hombre standing.

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