When Stars Align

The football stars aligned in Texas this weekend into constellations of madness.  And not just in Houston, where the Patriots took a stack of record books and set them on fire underneath the mattress where Atlanta sports fans were stashing their hopes, dreams and Too Legit to Quit albums.  Jerry Jones became a Hall of Famer.  Jason Garrett won Coach of the Year.  Dak Prescott secured Offensive Rookie of the Year by narrowly edging out his kettle-hopping partner in the backfield.

Enough ink has been spent trying to get Jerry Jones to fire Jason Garrett as coach and Jerry Jones to fire himself as general manager to douse the aforementioned mattress fire down in Houston.  The clamorers are not necessarily wrong, and I would have traded the awards stage on Saturday night for a chance to get beaten by the Patriots on Sunday. Or even a better pass rush (so long as it didn’t come from someone like Greg Hardy, who seized opportunities for churlishness at the same rate that Prescott seems to find openings for graciousness).  But the organization has got to feel pretty good about itself right now as they collect all that hardware at the beginning of the Prescott/Elliott era in Dallas.

Credit can be a hard thing to understand when it is shared, but at some point it simply needs to be given, as Terry Bradshaw explicitly did when he passed the mic from the NFL’s greatest coach to its greatest quarterback.  Whether it is the innate talent of the offensive line, or that of the rookies playing behind them, or the staff that drafted and developed them, the Cowboys have a group that can entertain with consistent excellence rather than inevitable drama.  Constellations of madness.

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