10- Day Test Drive


There is a mechanism in the NBA called the “Ten Day Contract” It’s exactly what it sounds like.

It’s a no commitment way to take a long look at a guy if you are a struggling team, like the Mavericks. Or, to cover your ass if you have an injury. 10-Day Contracts can be signed on or after January 5th. You can give two to the same player before making a decision.

With all that out of the way:


I had no idea who this dude was a week ago, but he is definitely my favorite player in the league (Dirk notwithstanding).

He was a 4 year starter at Indiana University, and scored more points in the Big 10 in the past 25 years than anyone else. The dude can flat out ball.

The Mavs just signed this undrafted rookie to a 10-Day Contract and he decided to ball out. They’re on a 3-game winning streak that include impressive wins over San Antonio, Cleveland, and Philadelphia.

That middle game caused “The King” himself to have a mini conniption-fit and lashing out at the “Round Mound of Rebound” Charles Barkley. It is this reporters estimation that LeBron is just butt-hurt because Chuck has a vastly more creative and thus superior nickname. I’m checking with “multiple sauces” to confirm.

Anyway: YOGI FERRELL!!!!!

His three well played games have him averaging 37 Min., 13 Pts., 5 Ast., & 3.3 Reb.

More than his numbers though is the youth and exuberance he’s brought to the team. Granted it is a “Shit Team, but an underrated shit team.”

I’ve wavered more than a few times on following the  Sixers mantra of suck now and gather draft picks to win later, but losing games sucks, and I like watching the guys in white and blue win games.

If anything this makes Deron Williams a trade-able asset assuming he comes back to his form before this injury. He’d be a great addition to the Cavaliers who could use him off the bench to spell Kyrie Irving.

Enough about other teams, back to mine! I like that these plucky Mavs are still trying to win games even though they’re 11 games under .500. Who knows if we end up in the Lottery, If our skyline is any reflection of our basketball team, we’re not a rebuild kinda city anyway. Let’s throw some lights on the piece and sizzle a little bit to ride out the year.

Go Mavs.

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