Top 10 Reasons The Packers will win on Sunday



I’m jumping on this grenade because we have an enemy in our ranks. Mick Mikkelson is our resident Mavs man on the street, but he’s also a sleeper cell from Wisconsin where I assume its smells like butt from all the cheese cutting. #dadjokes

But he put forth an honest effort to say why our Cowboys would win so I feel compelled to do the same for The Pack.

  1. A-A-Ron.


He’s the bees knees and when he said the Pack would run the table, the ran the effing table. He’s the best quarterback in the NFL (most disrespect to Tom Brady & his fans) and has been playing to his normal HOF standards. He’s really good and he’s also captain of the FIGJAM team. He dates Olivia Munn. I haven’t run out of superlatives, but I need to get on with the getting on.

2. The Packers are HOTT! They come in riding a 7-game winning streak. Like Rick James said, Confidence is a hell of a drug. Or something like that.

3. This ain’t their first rodeo. This Coach/QB combo won a Super Bowl in this stadium.

4. They’re facing a rookie QB in his first NFL playoff game. He’s passed every test so far, but now the questions are coming faster and getting harder. I’ll be interested to see how he handles the brighter lights.

5. The game is indoors. This helps the Pack’s incredible passing game. I’d actually feel a little better about our chances given our ability to run the ball in a game that had a bit of weather. Perfect conditions can lead to a ton of points for the guys in Green.

6. Rust. The Cowboys have been laying around for a week (potentially) reading press clippings. It may take them a series or three to get back into the groove by which point (and it’s not out of the realm of possibility) they could be down by 10 to 14 points.

7. The Cowboys Secondary is decent but not good or great and they’ll be working Mo Claiborne back into the mix. I expect more than a few communication errors.

8. The Cowboys Defensive line gets NO pressure, and if they do Rodgers has the ability to extend the play as well as anyone in the league.

9. God is on the Packers side. He answered that Hail Mary didn’t he?

10. A-A-Ron.


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