Top 10 Reasons That The Cowboys Will Win on Sunday

usa-today-8325578-0Where to begin?

  1. Consistency – The Cowboys have been more consistent throughout the year in terms of the top players performing in a similar manner each week.
  2. RB’s that can walk (let alone run) – The first syllable in running back is an important one. The Packers top two RB’s cannot do that. The 3rd stringer wears #88 and he was injured during a rough version of “Twister, the Mask and Torso Version!” against the Giants. The 4th stringer may or may not know what team he’s playing for after changing teams 3 times in the last year and a half. Zeke holds a slight edge over the Packers RB’s.
  3. Dual threat offensive line – The Cowboys have 5 Cadillacs starting on the line that run block and pass block on an elite level. The Packers run block inconsistently and pass block very well.
  4. #1 WR’s that didn’t spend last night in the hospital – Dez has had an up and down season, but he’s mostly healthy at this point and sat on a couch during last weekend’s game. Jordy Nelson spent the last game being stymied and then left on a cart after getting bulldozed in the ribs while juggling a sideline pass.
  5. WR’s with something to prove – Dez is a somewhat emotional player who just maybe has been stewing about his infamous non-catch-catch for the past 729 days (who’s counting?) with Ray Finkle like intensity.
  6. A QB without any playoff demons – Aaron Rodgers doesn’t play defense or field kickoffs, but don’t think that a multitude of crushing playoff defeats aren’t in the back of his mind. He’s a chip-on-the-shoulder kind of guy, for better or worse. He famously remembers almost every play that he’s ever participated in. Dak comes in as a confident fresh slate in the Russell Wilson mold. Rodgers is fighting bad memories, bad coaching and time. Dak is fighting off free Kanye tickets.
  7. They know they can win – The previous meeting between these two teams was as one sided as they get. The game was heavily hyped and it wasn’t even close. The Cowboys wrote the book on how to jam the Green Bay receivers and not give them any room to breathe.
  8. Defensive health – The Packers at this point are trying to convince LeRoy Butler to come out of retirement they are so low on defensive backs.
  9. Defensive in general – The Cowboys were better against the rush and better against the pass statistically.
  10. Stadiums that will resemble Thunderdome on Sunday – The Packers just got done taking care of business at their friendly, if shivering, shrine to football tradition of a stadium. Now they will be unleashed upon a bloodthirsty group of playoff success lusting savage fans who believe that this is the beginning of their next decade-long rule of the NFC. The Packers can only hope that the ticket prices are pricing out the loudest of Cowboy fans.

There’s nothing on paper, as a Packers fan, that suggests that this Packers team can win in Dallas on Sunday.

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