Short Shots: Week 17


Well we put a bow on the final games of the season. Texas football’s final NFL record was a robust 22-10. The Cowboys earned the bye and I’m sure the Cabo jokes have begun to fly. Houston got a fortunate draw by way of Oakland, who had been a surprisingly good team all year, was somewhat derailed by the injury to starting QB Derek Carr. I suppose its about time a Carr did something positive for the Texans football team.

I’d like to take this space to thank all of the contributors that made this a weekly highlight (even if only for myself). It was fun compiling peoples thoughts on the games that we all watched. Sincerely, Thank you.

Now on to the hot takes.


By Alan –

9-7, 9-7, 9-7.

That’s been the Texans’ record each year Bill O’Brien has been head coach. The latter two of those seasons saw Houston claim the division title. O’Brien accomplished this with Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum, Brian Hoyer, Ryan Mallett, TJ Yates, Brandon Weeden, Brock Osweiler, and Tom Savage all starting games at QB. The man should be commended, but I have a feeling Bill is coaching for his job on Saturday.  There is already confusion as to whether, and why, Brock would be starting instead of a concussed Savage this weekend, but it really doesn’t matter, because the Texans simply do not have an answer at QB. Fortunately, neither do the Raiders right now, but I still do not expect a Houston victory unless Clowney and Co. channel their inner 2000 Ravens. Let’s avenge the Mexico City Screwjob, and just get this one behind us and I’ll gladly get executed by the Patriots the following week.


By David –

We’re talking PLAYOFFS BABY!

13-3, and with that third loss not really counting, is a pretty awesome season.  Cowboys starting the game and doing Cowboy things, with Tony Romo looking like awesome Tony Romo, is pretty good thing for a Sunday afternoon.

And then Mark Sanchez subs in.  Thank God he’s our third string QB. And for my thoughts on that just go here.

The good guys get a week off, then will host the lowest NFC seed at Jerry World.  Strap in, boys, dis gonna be good.


By Barry-

The Cowboys’ Week 17 loss to the Eagles showed two things: it’s very difficult to play quarterback in the NFL (and to scout for one), and Dallas is stacked with talent in that area. The game provided a unique opportunity because it represented a rare scenario in which a team plans to play more than one quarterback—viz. it wasn’t forced into it by injuries, poor gameplay, or something else—and each was able to prepare beforehand. What a treat for Cowboy fans to see not one but two guys (Dak Prescott and Tono Romo) execute at a high level in essentially the same circumstances!

Moreover, given the talents of Prescott and Romo, one could be forgiven for expecting to see the football equivalent of Danny Devito in Twins in the third slot (if not Danny Devito himself). Instead, Mark Sanchez managed a level of sub-par play largely indistinguishable from what one would expect from the middling journeyman he is. Which was just fine for a team resting starters and looking forward to the playoffs.

By Bryan –

Nobody is going to talk about Romo? Alright, I’ll jump on that gernade. That dude was so ready to play. He looked so crisp, confident, and cool during his only drive that led to the day’s only TD.

I quipped to some friends in a text or maybe it was Facebook (there’s really no way to tell) that he should walk off the field, out of the stadium, and into retirement. I only kind of meant it.

Unfortunately this isn’t going to do anything to stop the great meddler in the luxury box. He’ll come down from on high and shoot his mouth off about Super Bowls and history, and narrative. I hope he takes a page from the 2011 Mark Cuban book and puts a muzzle on it when it comes to the media. Not likely, seeing as her has a weekly radio program, but we can always hope.

I’m  pretty nervous, which is new because I’ve grown accustomed and cold to wonderful seasons ending in post season pain. I’ve conditioned myself, like Rocky doing lunges with a log across his shoulders.

One week to find out who comes to Texas. Let’s roll.


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