Short Shots: Week 16


Another week, another win for the teams from Texas, running the state record to 22-8. Both have wrapped up divisions but accomplished it in very different ways. The Cowboys did it before touching the field thanks to a NYG loss on Thursday. The Texans took it down to the wire and gutted out a win on the strength of a missed field goal. One more dress rehearsal for each and then its showtime. Let the games continue….


By Alan:-

Just get in and anything can happen right? Nah, it doesn’t work like that in the NFL. There are no Cinderella teams that go all the way to the Superbowl. The inferior playoff teams usually get ousted pretty quickly.

The Texans have won the division, and have benefited from some dumb luck over the past couple of weeks – and they may be getting even luckier. The Texans will draw either the Chiefs, Raiders, or Dolphins at home for the Wildcard game. With the Raiders and Dolphins each losing their QBs for the year, I can see the Texans taking that first game, with Serviceable Savage and the Defense leading the way. Even though the Texans have beaten the Chiefs earlier this season, I can see the Chiefs serving up another playoff drubbing like last year.
With the Osweiler disaster, Watt injury, and Hopkins having the worst season of his career, it’s remarkable the Texans are even in this position. This is as “house money” of a situation as it gets, so am just going to enjoy the ride, as short as it may be.


By David:

One team could have used a win in week 16, and the other one had literally nothing to play for.

So which team was on on top of 42-21?
After a back and forth first quarter, Dallas stopped messing around and removed the doubt that was beginning to creep into some minds regarding their true ability.  But then the ‘Boys realized that didn’t need to win so Dez Bryant threw a touchdown pass to Jason Witten because that’s what you do when you’re up two touchdowns in a meaningless game.  Throw up that “X”, Mr. Witten.
Coach Garrett played the starters in order to keep them in rhythm, and if Monday night’s rhythm is what we can expect in January, I will be very content.

By Bryan:

Ho Ho Hold on a minute. Them Boys looked extra saucy this week. They installed a game plan before they knew they had the division locked up. They executed that game plan and drubbed a good football team with the playoffs on the line. This team has definitely earned the right to use the mantra : “Finish the Fight”

Tied at the half they scored 21 unanswered points in the 3rd and 4th quarters. The defense banged up as it was put on a great show pressuring Mr. Highland Park himself. The homecoming was all but comfortable for Clayton Kershaw’s bestie.

The NFC looks strong, and I’m not actively hoping to play anyone. But the road runs through DFW which was also the case in the MLB and NHL this year, let’s hope they can ‘Finish this Fight.’


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