Short Shots: Week 15


Big week for both the NFL teams from Texas as the Cowboys play somebody besides the Giants and the Texans managed to play an actual quarterback.  Everyone should be in a great mood, right?

Only two more weeks of regular season Short Shots, so enjoy them while you can!


By Alan:

When the Texans came out on Battle Red Day wearing their red jerseys…with blue pants? I knew it was going to be a weird day.

It was unusually frigid outside of NRG Stadium, but the seat underneath Brock Osweiler’s pants was white hot. I had the privilege of witnessing the Texans $72 million QB get booed off the field, after throwing two picks and failing to move the offense against the lowly Jags. I’ve never been against fans booing their team, it means they have expectations.

Down 13 with playoff dreams plummeting faster than the DOW early on election night….enter Tom Savage.

You know how the rest of the story goes, backup QB comes in and Frank Reich’s the team to an improbable victory. But that is not the story here, not for me at least.
Tom Savage was not spectacular, he was routine, which is all he needs to be. He was routine when Brock Osweiler couldn’t be. Routine is all you need to give pro bowl wide receivers like DeAndre Hopkins the opportunity to take over a game. Routine is all you need to let the NFL’s #1 ranked defense win you a ballgame.
And that’s the real story here. Jadaveon Clowney and Texans Defense. Clowney won the game on Sunday, and he also won the game last week against the Colts. The Texans Defense in general is the reason the Texans are winning games and still in the race for the (not so bad after all) AFC South.
In all likelihood, regardless of next week, the Texans will need to beat the surging Titans in the final week of the season to win the division. If Tom Savage can be routine enough, and the Texans D stout enough, they just might be able to pull this off.

By Viet:

The Texans came back from both having Brock Osweiler as their starting quarterback and losing to the Jaguars in what was a doubly Savage victory. I respect the cajones it takes to bench a guy getting paid 37 million guaranteed, but it was necessary and the team responded positively. The way I see it, you pay a certain amount of money to the quarterback position with the goal of winning games. It doesn’t matter which way the contracts split, you need to play the guy that can produce. Through 14 and 1/2-ish games, the only thing Osweiler was producing was interceptions. Also, apparently Hopkins is still decent at football. It has been so long my fantasy team had forgotten.


By Bryan:

That had to be the worst any 11-2 team has ever felt entering a game. Your GM was holstering his pistol after doing his best Plaxico Burress imitation. Only this time instead of shooting himself in the leg he fired shots at his own team.

He even admitted to basically being bored and that he enjoyed stirring things up. Huh? Your team is one of the best in football and you’re bored?

As for the game, it sure felt like we should have put that team away with all the turnovers we forced. But the offense Plaxico’d themselves in the red zone with terrible penalties, and settled down FG attempts rather than TD’s.

Is Dan Baileybot broken?

We continued to beat the not-Giants and overcame all sorts of adversity. Good win. 12-2 still hasn’t wrapped up the division or home field so there will still be an edge entering the playoffs.

By Viet

The Cowboys took care of business on Sunday against Tampa and are sitting quite comfortably ahead of their Monday night showdown with the Lions. Tampa is a solid team after years of being horrible, so I wasn’t surprised the game got competitive. Great teams win games like that, and the Cowboys are still best in class. Zeke is feasting and opposing defenses are finding it impossible to keep him out of the… Salvation Army pot.

By David:

Who ever doubted Dak Prescott?  The pocket awareness that was missing last week against the Giants was, for the most part, all back this week against Tampa Bay.  There were a couple of plays where Dak took a sack that knocked the team our of field goal range (or, I should say, Dan Bailey’s new field goal range… WTF man).  However, overall, Dak did an excellent job of quick passing when needed, and taking his time when he could.

And this defense… wow.  David Irving was shoving crab legs in Winston’s face all night (that joke isn’t too old, right?), and the secondary was laying the boom stick on Tampa’s receivers.  We’ve talked about it before, but the fact that this defense is far from a liability might be having the same impact on the game as the dominance of Dak and Zeke.
One last thing.  Jason Witten time traveled to the past to father Chuck Norris.  That is all.



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