So Long, Mitch.


He’s leaving the only organization he’s ever known. He spent 7 years, mashing 110 homers, and winning a Gold Glove. What did that get him? A 1 year/$5 Mil deal. It seems modest in comparison to the gigantic contracts being handed out these days.

Part of me thinks that he just wanted to be a Ranger, and that they decided to go in a different direction. I’m not sure why he “settled” for such a deal, I don’t know what kind of advice he’s getting, or if his agent thinks hitting the market a year from now after a year in a left handed hitters park will put him in line for something to the tune of 3 years  for $30 Mil, maybe?

Maybe it’s that his skill is fairly ordinary by MLB standards. The truth is there are probably 20 or so Mitch Morelands out there. But he was ours. Contrary to some opinions, I really liked Mitch. I thought he was a true professional, and went out there and did the best that he could everyday. He seemed like a hard worker who was going to spend a bit of time injured, slump a little, and go on an incredible 3 week HR bender.

I’m sad to see him go, and as a friend of mine pointed out, he was one of the last vestiges of the 2010 World Series team. The only man left is Elvis Andrus.

I wish Mitch the best in Boston, and hopes that he mashes his way to a monster contract in the future. He’s a great ballplayer, and if he ever has the chance to return, I’ll be right here with arms wide open.



2 thoughts on “So Long, Mitch.

  1. Humble hard worker rusty Greer type. I’ll never forget he got a big homer against SF Giants in the 2010(?) WS. The only game we won in that series. Always seemed to come up big in tight spots.


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