Short Shots: Week 12


Separated by 239 miles, Houston and Dallas aren’t even that close when it comes to football. The Cowboys are riding a 10-game win streak and now the Texans are on a short 2-game skid. One has gutted out two wins in the last two weeks while the other has looked shaken by what they’ve seen. Both still sit atop the division, and the important thing is that it doesn’t matter where you sit at the end of week 12. They both have division leads going into the most important month in football: December. With that we take a look at the notes and feel from each fan base.


By Alan –

After the now infamous Mexico City Screwjob, I knew the remainder of the Texans’ season was going to turn out one of two ways: 1) say eff the world and wreck and league, or 2) collapse into a downward spiral. The ones responsible for determining which direction the season would go are twofold – Bill O’Brien and Brock Osweiler.

When the Texans needed to make a statement, they showed up unprepared, undisciplined, sloppy, and bad. O’Brien did not succeed in shaking off last week’s loss, and one has now become two. Osweiler needed to perform, confidently, and be a leader by example – but he sucked. I really think not having J.J. Watt’s presence on the field also played a role in the players still feeling shell shocked after what happened last week.

As far as Osweiler is concerned, he needs to be benched. The Texans are losing their slim lead in what has luckily turned out to be a poor division, and they cannot afford to sacrifice a playoff appearance while Osweiler finds himself. It doesn’t matter how much money has been poured into the guy, he does not give the team the best chance to win on game day.


By David –

If I told you that the Cowboys would be out-gained by the Redskins by 505 yards to 353, you would assume that we wouldn’t have much to be thankful for, football wise, on Thursday.  But somehow the ‘Boys ended up with the larger piece of the wishbone and pulled out a W on Thanksgiving Day.

Kirk Cousins seemed to move the ball down the field at will with over 400 yards of passing, but only managed 26 points as the Cowboys defense came through when needed.  Dak, on the other hand, threw for less than 200 yards but the good guys dropped 31.

Those numbers shouldn’t add up to a win, but that’s still what we got.  Does this mean that the 2016 Dallas Cowboys have the “it” factor?

By Bryan –

Winners & Losers

Winner – Fox & The NFL. It’s good when both the Skin and Boys are good, and when they’re good at the same time, magic happens. This time magic happened in the form of a great offensive battle and the numbers for the telecast bore that out. 35 Million people watched in what is now the single highest audience for a Fox regular season football game.

Loser – Defenses. Woof, what more needs to be said, these two offenses carved up the other in a battle of who has the ball last. Luckily for the good guys it was us.

Winner – Kurt Cousins. With another great effort in a showcase game he’s lining his pockets more and more since he decided to decline the “poultry” offer from the Redskins. He still may not be the bell of the ball depending on what happens with Tony Romo this offseason.

Loser – The kicking game. They only combined for 3 punts between the two teams, and they also missed 2 FG’s. The orientation of The Death Star is stupid meaning that unlike most other stadiums, it lines up East-West, further meaning that during afternoon games in the fall the sun will be shining directly into the windows at AT&T Stadium. If only they had curtains to block it. What’s that, they do? Oh. Well, that is stupid.

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