Short Shots: Week 11


Houston trying to creep up on Cowboy country (Mexico) got caught with their hand in the cookie jar. They lost late likely due to Jerry Jones pulling strings and making sure the Texans walked out of there with the loss. The Cowboys had their hands full with the league’s best running defense in the Ravens. It was the second time this year a team has come in as the leading defense in the league against the Cowboys and while they held Zeke under 100 yards, they couldn’t manage to stop him during a glorious 4th quarter 7 minute game killer of a drive.


Houston :

By Alan –

When the NFL told the Texans to be careful in Mexico to avoid being robbed, who knew they were talking about the referees. I’m not one to use officiating as a scapegoat, but incorrectly negating a Hopkins TD and somehow forgetting what a 1st down looks like (were they using the metric system?) directly cost the Texans the game. Maybe the cartel had money on the game because that was Donaghy- esque stuff going on.

The next person to blame is Bill O’Brien, the guy cannot manage a game. Not challenging when he should, challenging after it’s too late, and over conservatism put the team in a bad position late in the game.

Dallas :

By David –

A question as iconic as “what came first, the chicken or the egg?”.  Is Joe Flacco elite?

I don’t know, nor do I particularly care.

But you know who is elite?  DAK MUTHAF-ING PRESCOTT!

After a start to the game where he was hit a few more times than was comfortable, and after a start to the game where he was only completing half of his passes, Dak decided that Baltimore’s defense really wasn’t that good after all.  He proceeded to shred said defense to the tune of 300 yards and 3 touchdowns.  Oh yeah, and once again, no picks.  Now that is a sweet, sweet song.

I recently heard an argument that Zeke is the hands down Rookie of the Year, but that Dak has the better argument for MVP.  Sounds counter-intuitive at first, but where would this team be without Dak?  Would they have even managed a 3-7 record in Romo’s absence?  Remember Sanchez would’ve been the starter.  TGFDP.

P.S.  Hopefully Terrance West learned his lesson.  Don’t antagonize Dez and Zeke.

By Randy –

Don’t have much this week other than to be careful about stealing celebrations and how bout them cowboys!

By Bryan –

Winners & Losers

Winner – T.O.P. The Boys continue to dominate the Time Of Possession game, hiding their leaky defense on the sideline while the big eaters up front maul opposing defenses.

Loser – The AFC North. Dallas went 4-0 against that division this year, and made the Steelers, Ravens, Browns, & Bengals look themselves in the mirror after hard fought games that ultimately ended in loses

Winner – The Dallas Cowboys. It was their first win ever against the Baltimore Ravens. The Ravens won the last game at Old Texas Stadium in Irving before it was torn down. Their first trip to the Death Star didn’t go so well.

Loser – Terrance West. See the above two posts. He remembered how to celebrate like them, but forgot how to win like them .

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