Short Shots : Week 10

The hits just keep on coming. Both Texas Teams were back in action and won road games. The state record is now 15-4. Could this be the year they finally meet in the Super Bowl? With no Frank Reich to comeback on the Houston franchise, maybe it could happen!

November proved to be Romo’s best month, but now that Dak has been annointed every month feels like November. With hopes riding high, lets hope the teams can keep playing well. Here’s this weeks Short Shots:


By Alan-

Brock Osweiler threw for only 99 yards, Nick Novak missed 2 field goals, DeAndre Hopkins only had 48 yards receiving…and the Texans won?

Yes, they did, their first road win of the season, and 6-3 at the top of the division is a nice place to be.

I really don’t know how they did it, the defense was stout with a pick six and the weirdest fumble recovery I’ve ever seen, but it wasn’t that stout. I guess the Jags are just that awful.

Next stop Mexico City for Monday Night Football! Where David Carr’s baby brother will likely light it up like an arbol de navidad (a QB the Texans could have drafted in the 2nd Round of the 2014 Draft, after taking JD Clowney in the 1st Round).


By David –

I feel like I say this every week.  But that was FUN!!!  That last Zeke touchdown run – you know, the game winning one with 9 seconds to go – was a changing of the guard.  LeVeon, you’re not the best back in the NFL.  Steelers, you don’t have the the best offense in the NFL.

It’s Zeke and the ‘Boys.

It’s the Patriots and the Cowboys in my power rankings, and the Patriots were just beaten by the Seahawks this weekend.  A Seahawks team that will probably be playing in Dallas for the NFC championship.

Now to find that wood to knock on.


By Viet –

 A faked spike and simple pass resulted in a touchdown to Antonio Brown. That would have normally been a “punch in the gut” moment for me. However, the rookie dynamic duo of Dak and Zeke has fans like me believing again. Specifically, believing that we’re rooting for a team that handles its business in the clutch. Believing that we’re rooting for a good team. Believing we’re rooting for the best team in the league. How long has it been since Cowboys fans have had that feeling? Romo got us within proximity, but there is something distinctly different about cheering for a contender and championing for the favorite. I think that the city of Cleveland is familiar with this when it comes to basketball. Ireland knows something about it in MMA. And we Cowboy fans are becoming comfortable thinking this way about our football team. And to the rest of the league, that is growing uneasy with the streaking Dallas Cowboys and their ever more confident fan-base, we’d like to apologize… to absolutely nobody.

By Bryan –

Winners & Losers

Winner – The NFL, with the ratings in the pooper this game gave them a huge viewing  a huge post election audience (which is the excuse they’ve been floating about for the dipping numbers). It’s nice flipping on any highlight show local or national knowing the lead-in will be the Cowboys. America’s Team Is Great Again, BABY!

Loser – The Dallas Cowboys secondary. They’ve been decimated by injuries and were struck again with Orlando Scandrick going down in the game, but Rod Marinelli continues to bondo, duct tape, and silly putty this defense together to do just enough to win.

Winner – Dan Bailey. He kicked the longest field goal in the history of “The Ketchup Bottle”. He seems to have put the sore back of the early season behind him, and people around the league are in agreement that he’s the best in the biz.

Loser – Tones Romes: Starting QB. After the game Owner/GM/PR front man Jerry Jones came out and announced Tony would be activated next week and would be the back-up to Dak Prescott. Then, earlier today Tony himself addressed the media, not taking any questions but delivering a prepared statement letting everyone know he was disappointed but aware of the situation, and would do his best in whatever role he filled.

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