Short Shots : Week 9


With the Bye Week, Alan our Houstonian has mailed it in and decided not to print anything. Actually he asked me if he wanted me to have him make an, “at least Osweiller didn’t throw a pick this week” joke. I declined and then typed it here in the opening paragraph, so there’s that.

The Cowboys were in action running the season record up to 7-1. I repeat, good football is good.


By David –

How about that Jason Witten guy?

Sunday marked his 155th consecutive start – a Cowboys record – and he decided to mark the occasion in style with 8 catches, 134 yards, and one of the easiest touchdown catches of his career.  It’s nice to see that even at 34 years old, this generation’s Mr. Cowboy can still dominate.
And it’s not just the on-the-field production.  I am positive that Dak and Zeke’s maturity are in part related to having a presence like Witten in the locker room.  He embodies how the game of football should be played with his toughness and preparation and that work ethic is clearly rubbing off on the rookies.  He’s earned that Star several times over.
Congratulations, Mr. Witten.  We look forward to watching you for many Sundays to come.

By Randy –

Here’s my only thought: These cowboy games have been boring. (That’s a good thing)

By Bryan-

Winners & Losers

Winner – Zeke Jerseys. He’s become the best selling jersey through October in the NFL this year. I suppose that just means that Jerry Jones wins again this week. He knows how to make money. He’ll probably sign Teebow and Johnny ‘effin Football just to sell a few more jerseys before all is said and done.

Loser – David. We’re all just gonna sit her like he didn’t just type: Jason Witten is rubbing off  on rookies? I’ve heard of hazing, but that’s just abuse my man.

Winner – @TxTriangleTrio‘s twitter handle. I live tweeted that fire all second half long upping our follower count by 1. #nailedit

Loser – The Browns. At 0-9 they have a legitimate shot to join the 2008 Detroit Lions as the second franchise to go win-less through a campaign. Fun Fact: That Lions team was head coached by none other than current Cowboys defensive coordinator Rob Marinelli.

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