Bad Matchup

If ever there was a time for the German Jesus to turn water into wine or, in this case, an average roster into a Würzburg Silvaner Trocken, it would be now. You can only go so many losses with the it was a “bad matchup” mentality. If every game becomes a “bad matchup,” it’s going to be a long season. Has the annual free agent non-rebuild-rebuild that we’ve been perpetrating finally caught up to us? A half decade of betting on leadership and chemistry is bound to have a bad roll of the dice. Dirk should be a complimentary player at this point, not the focal point of the offense every game, but we need a stretch of 20+ point games from the The Dude to boost the confidence or the margin of error for our secondary stars Barnes and Matthews. Barnes and Matthews don’t need to be world killers. Never going under 15 a game will suffice.
El juego-

A little bit of JJ in my life, a little bit of Curry from outside, an Achilles from Nowitzki all night long, Barnes being who we thought he was makes me a Mavs fan! Dame Lilliard was held at bay until midway through the 2nd quarter, but poor defensive lapses allowed Joe the Plumlee way too many easy points. Barea though, was the one with the huevos rancheros in the first half and later on doing his ageless probing and penetrating to create space from 3 point land. A Dirk-less 2nd half got the rest of the night rolling like turd in the trashcan punch bowl. A quick run by the Blazers that included a 27 foot heat check shot from Dame Lillard gave Carlisle freedom to unleash the athletic lineup of Mejri, Anderson, Barnes and Associates. And you know what? It worked for a while. It’d be nice to integrate the athleticism of the younger guys into the 1st half more like at the end of last season. This ain’t hockey, Carlisle doesn’t need to treat Anderson, Powell and Mejri like they can only be used with other second line guys. With those guys on the roster, we should never have a lineup without at least one athletic guy on the court.

In the end, the Dame was not to be denied. It was a bad matchup.

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