Short Shots: Week 8


Welcome back after the bye week for some of us.  Good football is good, and both Texas teams kept right on rolling with victories this week, running the state record up to 11-4.  It’s about this time during seasons like this that Cowboys fans become insufferable, those of us that have been here also get annoyed by the “National Cowboys” fan that jump on the bandwagon dawning their Dak Prescott jerseys that they swear has been handed down generation after generation.

Another little factoid worth mentioning is that the last time America’s team was ruling America, a Clinton was in office. Every Cowboys fan should consider voting for her if it means 3 Super Bowls in 4 years. OK, no more politics or better, bad political jokes. On to the news and notes from the “staff.”


By Alan –

The Texans handled the Lions from start to finish, and head into the bye week 5-0 at home, and 0-3 on the road. Brock Osweiler – horrible at times, decent at others, and hardly spectacular. Unless he mutates into Aaron Rodgers, his contract will haunt his reputation, because no matter what he does on the field, will he ever be “72 million dollars good?” This team is clearly winning games with its defense, which is surprising considering JJ is lost for the year, and the expectations going into the season was for new, dynamic offense with DeAndre Hopkins, Will Fuller, Lamar Miller….and Brock Osweiler.

Shout out to Andre Johnson, now officially retired. AJ is sure to be the first Texan Hall of Famer. Who could forget this moment?
Inline image 1

Switching over to the hardwood. I was not a proponent of the Mike D’Antoni hiring last offseason, but if anybody understands how to handle “hero ball,” it would be MDA. Instead of forcing ball distribution, MDA just lets James Harden have the ball…all the time, and at least for these first three games, it’s as if MDA reverse-psychologied Harden into being a distributor. The pick n’ roll game has been fierce, and Harden is racking up assists faster than he ever has in his career. That defense though….
Overall, a great weekend for Houston (UH Coogs doing work too), capped off by the latest episode of Anthony Bourdain’s Parts Unknown, highlighting H-Town’s cultural diversity – from attending a quinceanera to grubbing down on some bbq with Slim Thug.


By David –

For much of Sunday night’s game I thought that maybe this was when Dak falls back to earth.  The Philly defense was getting to him and causing him to make a few ill advised throws, one that ended up as an interception in the end zone, killing at the least a sure 3 points, if not 7.  Was Monday going to be be a sports talk bonanza as Romo spent Sunday night watching from the sideline?

“Hell No”, said Dak Prescott.
That 4th quarter and overtime was awesome and fun to watch.  It definitely helps having Dez Bryant back out there to make crazy catches in the end zone, but Dak was hitting everyone.  He took the Philly defense and turned it on its head.
Also, special shout out to Sean Lee for playing a hell of game on the defensive side of the football, his pressure on Carson Wentz late in the 4th quarter might’ve saved this game.  And my son may or may not be named after him…

By Mick –

Well done Cowturds.

By Bryan –

Winners & Losers :

Winner – Sean Lee. Homeboy was on rocket mode all game and led the defense to a really good late 4th quarter to give Dak, Zeke and the boys on O a chance to win the game.

Loser – The NFL. For the first time in ages, the World Series out audienced a Sunday Night game. Not even a divisional game involving the Cowboys could save it. Maybe all the NFL fans are getting concussed too?

Winner – Jerry Jones. Even he can’t mess this up, right? Right?? RIGHT!!!!!

Loser – Jason Garrett’s face. Taking a helmet to the side of the head finally revealed Coach for the cyborg T-2000 that he is. A helmeted headbutt administered by Great American Jason Witten

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