Short Shots: Week 6


Another win for the Cowboys, means more contributions. The Houston Texans also won, but their main contributor is likely still hungover. Texas NFL teams are sporting a nice 9-3 record. Without further ado:


It’s hard to write while crying and vomiting, but…

Dak and Zeke continue to play like someone forget to tell them that they’re supposed to be intimidated. The Cowboys seem to thrive be without needing to placate outsized personalities.



I was only able to watch 1 1/2 quarters this weekend due to other social obligations, but those 1 1/2 quarters were awesome. At no point did I feel nervous during the beginning of the game, and by the time I was in “phone checking mode” everything seemed well within hand. I just missed seeing the Cowboys’ final drive of the first half, when Dak took the ball at the 2 yard line with about a minute to go and scored a touchdown on a 20 yard strike to Brice Butler. I bet that was fun to watch.


So the national sports media (and DFW media) is all over the question of what happens after the bye next week when Romo returns. I’m not sure where I fall on that, but I like the fact that it’s an issue for our team. I mean, Houston is stuck starting something called Brock Osweiler.



Winner -Jerry Jones GM. He has the beginnings of winning the GM of the year award for the 2nd time in 3 years. Almost everyone remembers his drunken, “Romo was a miracle.” statement. Well looks like the NFL’s David Blaine has pulled another rabbit out his hat in the form of Dak Prescott.

Loser – Mr. Olivia Munn. He’s really struggled and been on a downward trajectory for about 5 years in terms of completion percentage. More importantly he’s lost his mojo. If he keeps this up he’s going to Discount Double Check his ass out of the league.

Winner – Sean Lee. He is going as the wrecking ball from the Miley Cyrus video for Halloween. He’s destroying everything in sight regardless of jersey color.#RIPMoClaibornsbraincells I’m saying prayers he doesn’t see a mirror and injure himself.

Loser – Green Bay fans. Widely considered the best fans in football nee sports. It’s tough to play bad football, it’s tougher when your hometown fans let you hear it every time something goes wrong. Newsflash: Football is hard.

Winner – Cole “Beesus” Beasley. Homeboy is carrying the load while Dez heals. The pint sized hero is leading America’s Team in: Receptions, Yards, and TD’s. For a guy who tried to quit football and was talked into playing by this team, he sure is making them look smart.


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