Short Shots: Week 5

Apologies for the absence last week, but here we are like Daniel, back at it again.


I could probably just copy and past my words from last week.

Once again Dak and Zeke led the Cowboys to a comfortable victory, and Mo Claiborne continued to impress. Last week Claiborne had an end zone interception, and this week he swatted away not one, but TWO would be touchdowns as he covered AJ Green.

The fact that Claiborne is not only no longer a negative to this defense, but a positive, has a lot to do with the team’s success so far this season. Cincinnati came into Sunday’s game as a top 5 passing offense, yardage wise. Against the Cowboys, however, it took Andy Dalton 41 pass attempts to reach 269 yards. This defense has been surprisingly good so far this season, and Claiborne is a big part of that.


The Boys are officially on a roll. They’ve won four straight games and are clearly a confident bunch. Again the growing national narrative is Dak v. Romo. I think the thing one is supposed to say is that, “this is a nice problem to have.” But is it a problem? Do we even know if Romo can do this any more?

This offense is good, it is making due without Dez. His return will make this team one of the best offenses in the league.

To steal and modify a line, ” Good football is good.”




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