High Noon

The story writes itself.  Western lawmen defending their once peaceful town from a gang of miscreants wielding massive amounts of firepower.

“High Noon” occurs today at 4:30 eastern as the Texas Rangers open their 2016 playoff run against their nemesis, the Toronto Blue Jays.  Last year Toronto rode through Texas shooting up the store fronts and wrecking the dance hall.  The destruction was capped off with a shotgun blast from the criminal leader Bautista.  These atrocities are remembered in Texas and today the outlaws are back and the Rangers are ready.  When the bandits step off that train there will be a welcome party wielding their own firepower.

The punch in May was just a warning.  “If you ever come back to our town you can expect more of the same.”  The bad guys want Odor?  They’re about to get him.  They’re about to get a whole lot of him.

Sheriff Jeff Bannister, the grizzled lawman, is sitting in his rocker on the front porch of his office and instructs his deputies, preparing them for the coming fight.  “It’s time to send them back to Canada with their tail between their legs”, he says.  “Hit hard, pitch hard, slide hard.”  Beltre nods, this isn’t his first rodeo.  Odor is amped, he knows that he wears the biggest target.  He also knows that he can deliver the biggest blow.  A few new recruits have not yet had a run-in with the outlaws, but they are as ready as the old hands.  They know what this means for their town.

Is this about revenge?  Maybe to a certain extent.  But it’s also about redemption.  This town will not suffer the same fate as last time.

The lawmen hear the train whistle scream in the distance, their signal to start the march to the depot.  As the dust swirls around the heroes in the street, the town folk  don’t hide behind locked doors and shuttered windows.  They stand in the street to support their Rangers.  There is no fear of the outlaw band, only a grim resolve to protect their home.

The train pulls into the station, and the outlaw band slowly disembarks.  Odor is front and certain to greet them.

Welcome to Texas.


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