The Seat is Officially HOT!

               I don’t even know where to begin. If I am able to get through this article without getting mad enough to throw my computer in the lake, I’ll be pleasantly surprised with myself. I’m a Charlie Strong supporter and have been from day one. The fans that thought Texas had a legitimate shot at Nick Saban are idiots! He was never coming, end of story. Jimbo Fisher was in the midst of winning a national championship at Florida State so he was also out. From there, Jim Morra turned down the job but has had minimal success at UCLA. Art Bryles didn’t want to interview for the job and just wanted it handed to him. (Much like his severance package after being dismissed by Baylor I suppose) Tom Herman hadn’t quite became the household name that we know today. Les Miles (prior to being fired) was not interested….. So at the end of the day, who’s left?

                Charlie Strong, that’s who. Admittedly, he was a lesser known name and a non-traditional powerhouse football program. He had successes as a defensive coordinator on a national championship winning Florida Gators squad. He was also in the midst of turning Louisville into an NFL factory with his prized trophy being Teddy Bridgewater. From every interview I’ve seen, and every article I’ve read, Charlie is a humble, blue collar, likeable, hardworking guy. He runs every morning to stay in shape. He is married and has two daughters. This information is all irrelevant when it comes to football, but I want the reader to understand that I know what the hell I’m talking about!

                Charlie is a recruiting master and has accumulated 2 top 10 classes when having a full recruiting cycle in Austin. It’s obvious that the kids like him. This next class is critical in that there won’t be as many scholarships available to hand out. This means that the class needs to be loaded with 4 and 5 star recruits on the top end to be successful. It is because of recruiting that Charlie has his job as head coach THIS season in my honest opinion. I mean, who wins 5 games as the leader of the Longhorns and STILL has a job the next season?!? And what 18 year old kids with dreams of playing in the NFL want to go to a school that can’t even qualify for a bowl game?

                This is my point. The team is young. (I get that) They are inexperienced. (I understand) Mack Brown left you with a big pile of crap and players that were entitled more than they were talented. (I feel ya) BUT after watching the worst defensive effort I’ve seen in recent years as a Longhorn fan, I have my doubts. Doubts that the defense can be fixed under the current regime. Doubts that Charlie Strong was the right hire. Doubts that Charlie will see the end of the season in a burnt orange mock turtle neck. You had two weeks to prepare for an Oklahoma State offense that is good, but not great. Outside of a few playmakers, they’re nothing special. The Big 12 is also known as a conference that scores a lot of points so the road doesn’t get any easier. When you get off the busses at the Cotton Bowl this coming week against Oklahoma, you had better have figured this crap out.

                If not, you might need to find another ride back home to Austin because the team bus is for players and STAFF only. #hearditherefirst #incharliewetrust #justwindamnit

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