Short Shots: Week 3


Here are our quick takes on the games that were this week for our Texas teams:



Sometimes a game will turn out so badly that it’s easier to pluck from the database of head coach rants than it is to come up with my own words. So here is a cleaned up version of one of Jim Mora’s more infamous tirades:

Well, what happened was, we got our butts kicked. We just got our butts totally kicked. We couldn’t do diddly poo offensively, we couldn’t make a first down, we couldn’t run the ball, we couldn’t complete a pass – we sucked. We sucked. We couldn’t stop the run. Every time they got the ball, they went down and got points. We got our butts totally kicked – that’s what it boiled down to. It was a horse poo performance. Horse poo. I’m totally embarrassed and totally ashamed. Coaching did a horrible job. The players did a horrible job. We got our butts kicked. It sucked. It stunk.

On the plus side, and shout out to Ben Gibson for bringing it to my attention, but the Mercedes ad for their new line of vans aired so much during Thursday Night Football, I may trade in the coupe for one of these bad boys and make it my “vogeln vagen”





This was the Cowboys game that I’ve been waiting for.  Dak looked great, Zeke looked great, even the Defense looked great.

Fun football is fun.

So the ‘Boys are now 2-1, and Dak has looked cool, calm, and collected quarterbacking this team.  99 pass attempts to start his career and zero interceptions.  What happens when Romo comes back? What if the Cowboys are 7-3 and in the thick of the playoff hunt?  Do you change the QB and have Romo start?  Obviously it is a bit premature to answer these questions, but if Dak keeps up his current play these are questions that will need to be answered.  Man, remember when Brandon Weeden was our backup?

And one last thing… Can Terrence Williams get anything right?



Injuries suck

Dak is as good as I’ve heard he is

Zeke looked great but I feel like he was the running back from varsity blues who the coach wouldn’t let score touchdowns after marching them down the field.



Winners and Losers

Winner – Zeke. Homeboy finally lived up to the hype and delivered and demanded that Red J keep feeding him. Now, if we could only get him a TD.

Loser – It’s hard not picking Terrance Williams. So, I’ll say the Chicago Bears, they had so many injuries before even taking the field it was doubtful they had a chance at winning the game.

Winner – America. America’s team on America’s game of the week. In Dak we trust : “Make America’s Team Great Again!”

Loser – This guy :

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