Mo Football

Anybody who has made it through a Texas summer can tell you that cold water is for drinking, not for dumping all over the hopes and dreams of a Cowboys team that just got their first win. I will merely comment that they have aimed almost all of their draft and salary capital at the proposition that when they need to get a first down in the fourth quarter, they can get a first down in the fourth quarter.  And that clock-draining, game-winning first down was not to be gotten against the Redskins.

But before they started spending all their draft picks on offensive linemen, they were betting heavily on Morris Claiborne. And wouldn’t it be a crazy world if, over four years later, Mo Claiborne turned out to be good?  Or at  least good enough to make a few of those pass deflections where he gets to run around afterwards,  waving his arms like he is warning someone off a restroom unfit for use. What if Brandon Carr can manage another interception?  What if they are part of a defense that is at least a couple spots above wretched – the kind of defense that managed to get a win when the offense left it up to them?  What if Terrell McClain was a better 2014 McClain pickup than Roland?

Of course, it’s important not to get too carried away. The Cowboys are in third place in the division. And they only occupy that spot because Kirk Cousins missed several different kinds of open receivers.  A better quarterback would have beaten them.

Actually, maybe I will get a little carried away.  There aren’t very many good quarterbacks in the NFL — certainly not enough for every team to have one. And if we have found one for the future in Dak Prescott (even if he takes awhile to develop), that is plenty of cause for celebration.  Turns out I drank all my cold water over the summer.  It’s the first day of fall, suckers, and there is still plenty of football left to go.

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