Short Shots: Week 2


Let’s get straight into it:


It’s all about the D. The Bulls on Parade kept the Chiefs out of the endzone all game, forcing 3 fumbles along the way. My main man Will Fuller added another 100 yard receiving game, becoming only the second rookie in NFL history to start his first two career games with 100 yards receiving (DeSean Jackson). Brock Osweiler is showing he is clearly an upgrade over the trash the Texans have been rolling out at QB ever since Matt Schaub pooped his pants, but the frequent interceptions concern me a bit.

Next up is the Patriots on Thursday night. New England is down to their 3rd string QB, but my gut tells me we’re still in line to get “Belichick’d”
– Alan


My cowboy thoughts (in no particular order):

  • I heard we won
  • Italian NFL showings are hard to find
  • I heard Dak did well and our defense was terrible
  • Still holding at 1 quarter I’ve actually watched so far (thanks to a friends dad who was periscoping the game last week

This isn’t helpful in any way, but I wanted to feel like I participated.

And no, the fat, blonde, bearded guy on the sidelines wasn’t me!

– Randy


So I wanted to write about how the rookie dynamic duo of the Cowboys led us to victory over a divisional rival, and I guess that I still could.  The entire offense looked much improved from Week 1, with Dak throwing for almost 300 yards on only 30 attempts and Elliot running much stronger than he did against the Giants.

And then the fumble happened.  And then the other fumble happened.

Let’s hope that this isn’t a sign of things to come.  Murray certainly had his fumbling issues 2 years ago, and that didn’t stop us from rolling to a 12-4 record.  However, you can’t expect to win if you give the ball to your opponent.

But enough raining on the parade.  The ‘Boys beat the ‘Skins, and today is a good day.  Especially in the Nation’s Capital.

– David


Winners & Losers

Winner – The Cowboys! Winning a Division game on the road is always a good thing

Loser – The number 2. As in 2 fumbles (one lost) by rookie running back Ezekiel Elliot. This wouldn’t have happened had he attended the fictional school ESU from the best football movie ever: The Program.

Winner – Colt McCoy. If you go to any football town in America you’ll find that everyone’s favorite player is the back-up QB. By the mere fact he didn’t play a down and Franchise’d QB Kirk Cousins (first cousin of NBA’er DeMarcus) chronically under threw balls his stock is on the rise.

Loser – Pam Oliver. She looked like Las Vegas at 4 A.M.

– Bryan


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