This Is The 23rd Article

We’ve managed to pump out some 22 articles over 57 days or approximately one every 2 1/2 days. I’m proud of that fact. We’ve all come together and written on the Rangers, Spurs, Cowboys, Longhorns, Astros, Stars, & Texans.

But lest we get too busy patting ourselves on the back, I must point out that I am also ashamed. I’m ashamed of the fact that we’ve sat down at the keyboard 22 times and not once have we talked about Adrian Beltre.

When the judge asks me the plea I’d like to enter?


His greatness has almost become invisible. He’s been so good for so long that I’ve taken him for granted. I don’t know when I began doing it, but I know I stopped directing attention to just how good he is, because it was assumed that he would just kind of always be great.

I’m sorry.

Our 2010 off-season contingency plan has become my favorite current Ranger, and -according to me – a top two Ranger all-time.

I was still riding the high of the franchises first World Series appearance. I’d actually witnessed it live from the 200’s section with fellow contributor Alan Saweris. He’d scored some Game 5 World Series tickets from his brother and trekked up to Arlington from Houston. We watched Tim Lincecum  battle Cliff Lee and carve up the Rangers’ lineup giving up one run over 8 innings. On the strength of that and a 3-run home run from Edgar Renteria I watched the San Francisco Giants celebrate a W.S. win with my own eyes.

I was also feeling the downer of losing Cliff Lee to the Philadelphia Phillies in free agency. I thought we’d return to irrelevance. Little did I know that I would feel heart break like no other just 10 months later. But I can talk about that another day, maybe.

The Rangers decided to spend $96 million on 5 years worth of Adrian Beltre. It wasn’t a meh move, but it wasn’t the starting pitching I wanted and thought they needed. Turns out that Adrian Beltre was exactly what this team needed. An all around bad ass who loved the game and would eventually take over leadership of the locker room from Michael Young -my other candidate for greatest Ranger ever.

I forget I love him until he does something like he did last night:


He banged a solo home run off one knee.

It never gets old. Never.

He doesn’t like that he does it, but says that he’s been doing it so long that there is no use in trying to stop now.

From his BFF interactions with Elvis Andrus:


To his intense dislike of being touched on the head:

He might be the most fun baseball player to watch on a daily basis. He’s beginning to pass major milestones, and I don’t think there is much question anymore as to his candidacy for the Hall of Fame.

He’s a gold glove caliber 3rd baseman and still hitting in the heart of the order at 37 years old. He plays nearly every day and at a high level. On a team full of lovable guys (Carlos Gomez included) he is the chief leader among them.

He has signed for another 2 years beyond this season and I hope he and his battery mates can deliver a championship to our fan base. At the very least he’ll make it fun to watch.

Thanks for the memories AB, and for those still to come.

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