Short Shots: Week 1


We’re going to try something new here on Texas Triangle Tro. This will be a compilation of short thoughts the Triple T Team had in the wake of the previous weeks games. You can get recaps anywhere, so we hope these will be interesting little tidbits you didn’t notice, or more likely, things that stood out to us. For a little more depth you can always check out Ben Gibson’s piece.

With out further ado let’s hear it:


A highly anticipated first week of football in Houston. I attended this game live and the atmosphere was electric.  A new quarterback, running back, and two quick rookie wide receivers all making their debut.  Expecting explosiveness, the offense was off to what I thought was a sluggish start, with the Texans just inching up the field. I then realized this was Bill O’Brien’s strategy – dominate the time of possession, methodically move down the field, then once every other series throw bombs to the wide outs. It worked, the Bears barely saw the field, and when they did the Bulls on Parade just murdered Jay Cutler (5 sacks, 1 INT, two fumbles). Just an overall smart game plan and dismantling of a weaker team.

Not sure what to think of Brock Osweiler just yet. He had one awful interception early in the game, one beautiful TD throw to DeAndre Hopkins (with a beautiful catch), and lots of dump offs and check downs mixed in. The guy that really impressed me was rookie wide receiver Will Fuller. I don’t play fantasy sports anymore, but if I did, I would pick this guy up quickly. With Hopkins facing double coverage all game, the Bears dared the rookie to beat them, and beat them he did, with over 100 receiving yards and one TD where he bobbed and weaved into the endzone on a bubble screen. His debut would’ve been even bigger had he not dropped a sure 75 yard reception TD. Keep an eye on this former Fighting Irish.
The Bears aren’t very good, so this was the opportune Texans tune up to see how all of their new parts work together. The schedule gets much tougher during the next two weeks, with the Chiefs and Patriots coming up.


Missed opportunities.

Those two words sum up the Cowboys’ week 1 loss to the Giants.  For a team that dominated time of possession and racked up more total yards than their opponent, Dallas was only able to score a measly 19 points.  That’s not going to get it done.  Dan Bailey is a huge weapon, yeah, but he can’t be our primary weapon.



Winners & Losers.

Winner: The New York Football Giants. They won a well contested road football game and no matter the circumstances, that’s always welcome in any locker room.

Loser: The number 4. Poor execution on the 2 minute drill was not a surprise. Although I thought it would come in the form of a missed assignment by the 4th overall pick or a costly INT or ineptitude by their rookie 4th round QB. I did not expect the 4th year veteran receiver to lose his wits and cost the team a chance to win the game.

Winner: Dan Bailey. (See David’s post above)

Loser: The DFW Metroplex. Sports radio has now gone “all football all the time.” Meaning the really kick ass baseball team just up the road is going to be pushed to the back burner until 162+ commences. Just long enough for this football team to bury itself.



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