Insert Puny Title Here

Which NFL quarterback is the butt of the most jokes?

Tony Romo? (undeservedly I will emphatically add)

Or Mark Sanchez?


It’s already tough being a Cowboys fan in the wrong NFC East city, and by signing Mark Sanchez, Jerry Jones just doesn’t seem to be keen on helping me out this year.

I understand that the move actually makes good football sense.  Romo is out of action for a few months, and Dallas is running out a rookie QB as the starter.  While Dak Prescott looked phenomenal in the pre-season, it is only the pre-season.  Having a veteran backup should be helpful – even if that veteran backup couldn’t even win the Denver Broncos starting gig over something named Trevor Siemian.

If everything goes according to plan, we’ll never have to see Sanchez under center wearing the helmet with the star.  He’ll be a really good clipboard carrier and that’s all.  Maybe he’ll be on the field for a few field goals.  Or, maybe he’ll play every single fourth quarter because the Cowboys are up by 7 touchdowns every week.

Just think of the Sanchez signing as an insurance policy not named Brandon Weeden, and that’s something I think we can all get behind.  Just don’t drop the ball.

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