Tones Romes’ Back


It happened early in the (pre-season) game. A play broke down and Tony Romo went full Jedi and was about to make something happen. A couple yards later our quarterback was doing his best impression of an accordion.

Rumor has it he wanted to go back in the game which surprised no one because as we have come to know, Tones Romes is a tough S.O.B.

On trotted Dak Prescott and put up the beginnings of another solid effort. If nothing else, he’s made Cowboy fans exhale a huge sigh of relief that we have a capable, borderline watchable backup option at QB2.

I’ve almost already punted on this season because, if we as Cowboy fans learned anything last year, this team is only going as far as Tony Romo can take them. We won a grand total of ONE (of twelve) game last year that were started by QBs other than Tony. A healthy Romo guided us to an incredible 2014 that ended on a play that shall not be discussed.

Therein lies the problem. I love Tony Romo’s heart and ability, I just don’t trust his body. The injuries have mounted:

2010 – Broken Collarbone

2011 – Cracked Rib & Punctured Lung

2012 – Healthy

2013 – Herniated Disc (back)

2014 – Fractured Traverse Process (back)

2015 – Broken Collarbone (2x)

And, at 36 his body isn’t getting any more reliable. I’ve slowly moved toward the 5th and final stage of Grief. I’m accepting that he is this generations Danny White. A sometimes great quarterback that had the unfortunate timing of following a living legend. In this case Troy Aikman and for White, Roger Staubach.

Maybe these are the football sins that need to be atoned for by previous regimes. Maybe Danny White was cursed because Tex Schramm had the audacity to call the Dallas Cowboys, “America’s Team.” And Maybe, just maybe, Tony Romo is paying for the deal Jerry Jones made with that famous fallen angel for the Barry Switzer led 1996 Super Bowl Championship?

To be fair, I blame Jimmy Johnson’s ego as much as Jerry Jones’ ineptitude for the current state of the Cowboys. Okay, maybe not the current state, but definitely for the fact that we don’t have an extra two or three Super Bowls from the late 90’s.

I’ve always liked Tony Romo, and I’ve always felt bad that he’s been tethered to Jason Garrett. I think he has become a better QB but the roster has suffered from a lack of depth that is sorely needed in the violent sport of football.

Jason Garrett is a fine offensive coordinator, but as a leader of men he has come up short. You can talk all about, “process” and “stacking good days” all you want, but if you don’t inspire, you are going to have a tough time winning games. Of course, you do need talent too and the Cowboys front office is a distant 4th in the DFW market.

In order, I’d rank them as follows:

  1. Texas Rangers
  2. Dallas Stars
  3. Dallas Mavericks
  4. 50 feet of crap
  5. Dallas Cowboys

It’s unfair to say they don’t do their work when it comes to drafting and scouting because I’m not in the room or around the office. But the results speak for themselves. At the very least they can’t figure out if they are building a team for the future or for the present, exactly the opposite of what Jon Daniels and his brain trust are doing.

I think the Cowboys have entered the Mavs’ Dirk post-championship era doldrums. The only problem is they forgot the requisite championship. But they aren’t even committed to that. They’ve done an excellent job of turning over an aging roster to young talent on the offensive side of the ball. But they’ve neglected their own backsides when it comes to shoring up the defense. It’s like pouring a slot machines winnings into your pockets and then cutting a hole in the bottoms.

Mr. Jones is a wildcatter through and through, he’s taken risks and is banking on the fact that an aging QB’s back is going to withstand a seasons worth of blows. I’m not so confident. I think Tony should retire while he can still walk. But these guys are professional athletes so even if he has a bad back, he’s got a great spine. Go Cowboys.

One thought on “Tones Romes’ Back

  1. Well played and better written. Always hurts to watch another Jones-led disaster in waiting. Without jimmy J and his football amazing-ness of late 80s/early 90s(see Greatest Trade Ever of Hershel Walker), jerry J would be all more of a sideshow joke than he already is(see Worst. GM. Ever.) Romos done one way or another. Give it a game, give it 6 games. I don’t think he sees a full season or the end of season playoff run ever again. Numbers wise, check my math but those are HOF numbers…Playoff record and memories of Romo face down on the turf….Well, nuff said. Dak Attack 2016! Ezekiel 4 Prez.


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