Carlos Gomez or Whatever

carlos gomez

They better be trolling the Astros.  The Rangers signing Carlos Gomez this week is potentially pretty dumb. It has the potential to wreak havoc on the “room.” But then again, most “rooms” aren’t headed by Adrian Beltre. I would imagine he’ll be unfazed by the potential addition of a knucklehead.

If you don’t know what I’m talking about, the Texas Rangers signed Houston Astros cast-off Carlos Gomez to a minor league contract. The thinking is that he’ll take some time, get some at bats, gain some confidence and be called up to the big team in September when rosters expand, if not before.

I don’t know of anyone I dislike more in the league, maybe if we’d traded for NYY Brian McCann instead of Jonathan Lucroy I could have approached this level. CG is a world class hot head who exhibits the worst behavior in baseball. I have no use for the unwritten rules of baseball because I believe everyone has to atone for their baseball sins one way or another. But this guy flips bats, and admires long balls with the best of them.

Honestly, I don’t have a problem with cocky, arrogant, brash players. See: Rougned Odor. But that’s one of my guys, and I was always all to happy to hate Carlos Gomez, but now there is a chance he’ll become one of my guys.

More than not liking the move, I don’t like what it does to me as a fan. I’m forced to realize that statistically speaking it’s a good bet that the guy is going to do something good that is going to help the Rangers win a (some) game(s). I’ll be forced to cheer for him because I’m a Texas fan.

This is like when the Dallas Mavericks brought in Lamar Odom for me. Except I was at least willing to give LO the chance to prove himself after he body checked Dirk in the 2011 playoffs and came to us via trade the next year. That was an unmitigated failure for all involved and eventually ended with the Mavs terminated his contract mid-season and sending the player and his Khardashian wife back to Los Angeles.

The truth is I don’t think this move was necessary. Shin-Soo Choo is injured but we’ve got an entire battery of young players that can fill the role nicely. Jurickson Profar, Ryan Rua, Dilano DeShields, Nomar Mazara, and Drew Stubbs all have value and don’t universally piss Major League Baseball off. Seriously, just go YouTube search “Carlos Gomez fight” and see about 4 different skirmishes pop up to the top of the feed.

But ultimately this is a Jon Daniels move. Low risk with high reward potential. If he comes here an does nothing, we cut him and we’re unaffected. But if he plays well we’ve gotten something out of a division rivals trash heap. The guy has put up decent numbers in his career. Back to back .284/24/73 campaigns are the reason the Astros traded for him in the first place. He never fullfilled the need and was from afar toxic to the growth and development of their young talent. The Astros are talented, a bit top heavy, but talented nonetheless. The last thing they need is a showy veteran stalking around the clubhouse, especially one who wasn’t producing.

He’ll soon be transitioning to veteran clubhouse where he’ll hopefully be put in his place. Until then, I’ll be praying that he flames out in the minors and never shows promise warranting his call up to the Majors.

Go Rangers.

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