mitchSomebody is about to get served. It might be me, but I doubt it.

marquez houston

The entire long term goal of this blog is to create factions based on rooting interests and then together aim arms at the other municipalities and begin a fun series of micro-aggression’s. But there has been a change in plans, one of my battery mates has decided to follow me out onto the battle field and aim for my head.


She’s Matt Bush’ed my Jose Bautista. But, in this case there is no Rougned Odor to come to my defense, so I must deal with it on my own.

Before you continue you should go read this.

Let me start by stating that I like Mitch Moreland. I think he’s a very useful piece. I absolutely think there is room for him on this team. All of that as a fan. But as a pretend GM, I think he is an average player. And so do the Rangers.

If they thought he was the answer, they wouldn’t have traded for Prince Fielder and would offer Mitch a deal to buy out his arbitration. Instead they take their chances on a yearly bases that the independent arbiter will side with them. They’ve been hesitant to commit to Mitch because he is a replacement level player. There’s nothing wrong with that at all, he’s carved out a wonderful career for himself.

He isn’t the kind of player I expect a ton out of because more often than not he’s going to let me down. Traditionally he’s been a very streaky player, hitting home runs and RBIs in bunches. However, when he’s cooking, it’s delicious.

I do agree with Beth about him being representative of that 2010 team, and really of the plucky Rangers since. Sometimes he’s hurt, sometimes he’s great just like the Rangers. But he always brings a disciplined professional approach to both sides of the game and has a really good glove.

I like Mitch Moreland neigh I love Mitch Moreland. I cheer for his success as much as anyone because I like the Rangers. The truth is deep down Beth knows that Mitch will let her down too, but “Light Tower Power” will keep you in this game. Just like height in the NBA, power will keep you employed in the majors.

Just know that I would LOVE to be wrong, especially this October. I’ll gladly take a Mitch-slap if it means we’re celebrating something bigger!


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