It’s obnoxious how much I enjoy writing now, especially considering how much I loathed papers and their deadlines during college. I’m pretty sure I still owe Fr. Maguire a Lit Trad II essay, that’s not a joke. It’s also the reason I ducked out on Sue Hanssen’s Am Civ class.

It’s good to see that fully grown, high functioning, competent adults conduct themselves the same way I did when I was fumbling through years (and years) of college course work. General Managers have unlimited resources with the exception of time. Time waits for no man.

The Major League Baseball trade deadline came and passed today.

For the past two weeks there had been speculation and rumblings of “deals in advanced stages” or teams being “deep in talks” about potential trades. The preceding two weeks there were a few deals actually struck but like red-eyed freshman who wasted the first half of their semester, General Managers managed to hammer out deal after deal between the hours of 3:00 and 4:00 pm EST, deadline time.

A flurry of deals came through, most notably Jonathan Lucroy to my own Texas Rangers, but Houston even managed to  drop a little dead weight in Scooter Feldman.

It was a nervous day spent refreshing my twitter feed, which is primarily used for baseball (shhhh, don’t tell basketball). I have come around from detesting the mere mention of a deadline to eagerly anticipating them. Well, this one anyway.

The game has changed in the past few years with the addition of the extra Wild-Card teams. It seems that with that little wrinkle it has added hope to some 5-8 extra cities that would normally become sellers at the deadline. Instead, they join the buyers and jack up the price for talent. I love it.

I love it all. I love the deadline, I love baseball, I love Texas, and I love the fact that I’ll be in attendance tomorrow in Baltimore to watch Jonathan Lucroy receive balls from Yu Darvish, and again the next day to see him catch Cole Hamels. Hell, I may triple down and go back to see they play again on Thursday, it’s that kind of love. Unconditional. So unconditional that I’ll be rocking my 2010 WS Josh Hamilton jersey because in Texas we don’t burn jerseys. We love our players unconditionally.

Until then I’ve reached my self-imposed deadline to publish this piece. Look for pictures of tomorrow’s shenanigans with one of the blogs co-hosts, David.

Go Rangers.

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