This Blog Will Melt Your Face Off…

….but that’s only because it’s summer in Texas which means it’s only marginally cooler than hell itself.

We’re hoping to have a little fun here while poking fun at each other with hot sports opinions. I wouldn’t get all hot an bothered by anything you read here because it’s all for fun.

But if you’re the type to start a Twitter fight we’re more than comfortable/capable of putting you in your place.

The Texas Triangle is traditionally a tough thing to sweep. Some superficial research shows that the last team to do it was the 2013 Heat, and before that was the 2008 Celtics. Once every five years or so, someone comes out of Dallas, Houston, & San Antonio with W’s across the board. Great basketball has been played in the state across the board for the past 20+ years with each franchise taking their place in the sun.

I’m partial to Dallas so obviously 2011 is near and dear to my heart. Avenging a 5 year-old grudge against Miami, and beating the newly formed super-team added to the tale. Not to mention knocking off the two-time defending champion Lakers in a sweep culminating with the Mother’s Day Massacre.

Any thought that 1999* wasn’t a legit title was put to rest by the Spurs basically becoming the best/most consistent franchise in any sport over the last 20 years. They eventually added 2003, 2005, 2007 & 2014 banners to the hallowed halls of the Alamo Dome or AT&T Center or where ever they play their games these days.

Haters will say 1994 & 1995 titles don’t count for the Rockets because MJ was out of the league. But I say this, someone had to win those titles, and everyone was still trying. Two-ston rode the Dream Shake all the way to back-to-back titles. Not nearly as good as the back-to-back-to-back-to-back trick the Houston Comets pulled off a few year later but still pretty good. Not even Tom Emanski himself ever produced that many consecutive winners.


Anyway, if you like sports and you like Texas, you’re gonna like us.

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