Texas Two Step

Harden v. Westbrook was a thud. Houston was flat out a better team. San Antonio had a bit of adversity but pulled through on the back of their own superstar. Here’s to hoping Kawhi v. Harden will be everything the first round match up wasn’t. With out further delay, lets get on with the basketball … More Texas Two Step

Take That for Data

David Fizdale, the coach of the Memphis Grizzlies, essentially became a meme at the beginning of the first round by complaining about the foul call disparity between his team and the San Antonio Spurs. It’s been written about a lot since then, but that foul disparity was not just a first round thing.  Throughout the … More Take That for Data

A Talented Man

As quietly as he came in, he has left us. But that middle part was pretty damn loud. “Reds send outfielder to Rangers for Volquez, minor leager” I don’t know if the AP would like to re-title this article, but I know I sure as hell would. Something to the tune of: “Rangers acquire best … More A Talented Man

Wonder Boy

Josh Hamilton.   In Game 6 of the 2011 World Series he essentially tore the cover off a baseball to put the Texas Rangers ahead by two in the 10th inning. In Texas, the theme music (leitmotif for you word-nerds) to The Natural plays when a Ranger hits a home run. The game was away, but … More Wonder Boy